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  • Advantage 1: sweat absorption
    Due to the high hollowness of the natural cross section of bamboo fiber, the capillary effect is very strong, which can instantly evaporate perspiration. Among all the natural fibers, bamboo fiber has the strongest sweat absorbing ability.
    Advantage 2: UV resistance
    UV penetration on bamboo fiber fabrics is much lower than 1%
    Advantage 3: Green
    The main raw material of bamboo fiber is bamboo. The growth cycle of bamboo is short, the growth rate is fast, the distribution is wide, and the adaptability is strong. It is more environmentally friendly than the Tencel fiber produced by refining wood. Moreover, bamboo fiber textiles can be naturally degraded in the soil and will not pollute the environment after decomposition. The raw materials are natural, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, in line with the needs of modern people.
    Advantage 4: Health care body
    Modern medicine believes that the antioxidant compounds in bamboo can effectively remove free radicals and ester peroxidases in the body, which can delay skin aging and allergic skin can still be used. In addition, the small holes inside the bamboo fiber can also absorb harmful gases in the air, which is very beneficial to human health.
    Disadvantage 1: Bamboo fiber is a fabric with the same advantages and disadvantages. Bamboo fiber and Tencel belong to the same kind of viscose staple fiber. Any short fiber will pilling, so it is slightly worse than pure cotton fiber in pilling performance. It takes a long time to easily rub the hair ball. With the continuous improvement of production technology, this pilling problem has also been greatly improved, but it also destroys the inherent feel and drapability of bamboo fiber to some extent.
    Disadvantage 2: Bamboo fiber, like other viscose fibers, has good water absorption, can absorb a large amount of water in an instant, and the volume will expand accordingly. After drying, as the water is lost, the fiber shrinks, resulting in shrinkage. Therefore, the shrinkage rate will be slightly larger. In addition, the bamboo fiber will suddenly become lower when it absorbs water, which is less than 70% of the original. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the washing method.